SMAPXSMAP - Buzzer Beater (May8th)
Really wanted to transfer some of my older Smap videos to my PC but it seems that it's easier said than done!! All I've managed to accomplish so far is a transfer off them to DVD format - better than nothing I guess! Anyway, instead I've got the performance of Buzzer Beater from May 8th SmapxSmap show. It's a cool performance! BTW if anyone saw the show...what the hell is going on with Shingo and his facial hair!! It looked really bad! I hope it disappears by next week!! Anyway - enjoy the clip...

SMAPXSMAP - Triangle Performance Jan06
Well, here goes...Been digging through all the Smap media I've got - and it turns out I have quite a collection!! I've got a fair few SMAPXSMAP TV shows I taped in Japan, so over the next few weeks I'm gonna make some choice video clips from them. I'm starting off with my favourite performance of Triangle from the end of SMAPXSMAP (this one's not from my vid collection, it's a download of a whole episode and I've just ripped the song, so props to whoever uploaded it!!) - everybody looks really nice in it and sound great too. Again, I'm hoping it works - done it through megaupload, let me know if there's any probs...Enjoy!

A small file, so should download pretty quick :-)

Somewhere Better...
I have so been enjoying Shingo's new drama. I am a little disappointed the ratings are not great for him. This is a real shame as he is really wonderful in the drama. I always thought he was a little awkward in romances but ever since Bara no nai Hana ya he seems to have sorted that problem. He is very natural with Kuroki Meisa and it is all very cute and chaste! Looking forward to the episode next week - is it the last already??




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